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Past Events



Access to clean water and sanitation services in parts of the East African region is a challenge, especially with a rising population and urbanization. Global warming has caused the global average temperature to rise 0.850C higher than it was in the late 19th century causing weather patterns to changing and become more unpredictable by the day. The East African countries are signatories of the Kyoto protocol and the Paris agreement, to cut down on the generation of greenhouse gases by 143 million tonnes. In respect to these agreements and recognition of the key issues, the East Africa Water Summit 2019 will convene to create a forum for the water industry stakeholders to deliberate and arrive at specific action points that will influence policy, technology application and investment on sustainable water and sanitation. The theme of 2019 was “Sustainable Water and Sanitation in the Face of Climate Change”

November 2019



Water is a key contributor to social-economic development. From industries, to families, to farms, this scarce resource is at the heart of production and the economic engine of any country. It is with this in mind that the 2018 East Africa Water summit was themed “ACCESS TO SUSTAINABLE WATER FOR SOCIO- ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT”

November 2018



In a majority of businesses, a huge chunk of revenue earned is directed to settling power bills and other related costs. 40 percent of operating costs for drinking water systems is used on energy, i.e. from pump houses, to lighting, to generators and so on. This can however be reduced significantly. From this background, the 2017 summit is themed: “IMPROVING ENERGY EFFICIENCY”

November 2017



The water sector has been and still is the BIGGEST earth science discipline in Eastern Africa. Groundwater has been used in mega irrigation projects, mega infrastructure projects, real estate developments but still, there is extraordinarily so much business left. From this background, the 2016 summit was themed: “SUSTAINABLE GROUNDWATER INVESTMENT”

November 2016